—  Martin Whittaker, 38 year veteran of the Aviation industry, recent Airline AOC Accountable Manager and COO and previously Group Board Member of Babcock Mission Critical Services.

"The system clearly provides rigor to the very act of mapping both industry and in-house standards to a job description and an individual's remit in an extremely water-tight and efficient method. In addition to this, having assessor led evidence based assessments only reinforces the integrity of an individual in a safety critical role. I really do look forward to seeing their vision manifest into a workable competence management system and am excited to have this adopted in the aviation industry, as there is a significant requirement for such a solution. The very thought of having transparency and collaboration throughout the industry is very appealing and crucial  in assuring an safety in safety critical roles. Fresh ideas, such as gamification and Augmented Reality only enhance an already robust approach."



"Janice Douglas has helped Oceaneering Asset Integrity build an online Competence Management System, which is fully scalable across our global business and can encompass all disciplines, not just our technical personnel, as we now include support staff that was out with our previous system. Janice knew exactly the system needed for our organisation and continues to provide professional and consistent training to grow our pool of Assessors and standardisation of approach to achieve best practice for system, policies, procedures,assessment and verification that has transformed Oceaneering's Competence Management System. Janice has a wealth of experience and enormous energy to ensure that what is required is developed and delivered in a timely manner."

—  BruceMackenzie, Technical Manager, Oceaneering Asset Integrity

"Competency Plus provides coherent guidance and direction on what is required to manage and demonstrate a competence workforce within a company. It supports the objective of safety in the workplace, can easily and successfully incorporate existing and new assessment standards such as NVQ’s and SVQ’s and aligns with the industry strategies for UKCS Workforce Dynamics and development of a multi-skilled and competent workforce of the right scale and capabilities for the future."

—  Robin Critchard, Industry Advisor

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