Competence Health Check anyone?

Ever wondered how your organisation will withstand the stringent audits from the likes of UKAS, ISO, FPAL, OPITO or even potential clients?


Competency Plus offers a comprehensive review on the systems and processes in your organisation for managing the competence of your workforce.

An insightful report is provided highlighting the strengths, any salient gaps that could prove to be an issue in the future and a documented summary to help you on your way.

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Ever wondered what the ultimate Competence Management System would look like? 


Competency Plus's Competence Blueprint is exactly that. The only solution that offers a robust framework for your organisation.

Wrapped up in an intuitive, user friendly, cloud based system, accessible from tablets, mobile phones as well as PCs.

Witness us showcase our approach to managing competence in the workplace. Revel over the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), the various reports and dashboards, not to mention the immense ease of use.

A must, if you are embarking on the Competence Management journey in your organisation and need some inspiration.

An event that nurtures all of your concerns and questions. Pop along and let us provide the answers and refreshments.

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